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Who We Serve

Drive new revenue. Foster better relationships. Increase retention.

Coverage Direct proudly partners with financial institutions, like banks and credit unions, nationwide. Our full-service, branded-to-you business solutions will give your clients immediate access to top-rated national and regional insurance companies. Our licensed and trained staff is equipped to help you increase and retain insurance sales year after year.

What’s the one financial product every one of your clients needs? Insurance. Before funding a home, auto, or business loan, you always require proof of insurance. Why not fill that need on the spot? Your clients will welcome the opportunity to acquire insurance from someone they already trust—you! It’s a natural, convenient addition for them and an additional recurring revenue stream for you. Win-win.

Credit Unions

Coverage Direct provides a turnkey business unit for credit unions across the United States. We offer credit unions immediate access to top national and regional insurance carriers, a fully licensed and trained sales and service team, and everything else your organization requires to market insurance offerings and drive impressive results.